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Application landscape

Our application is divided in multiple components and each component can have multiple layers.

A nice overview can be found in the following picture:


Our cosmos component (responsible for all market communications and message translations) exists out of proven market solutions for AS2/4 communications and EDI translations.

The integration of the complete solution is based on python services.

EGSSIS Gas/Power Services

The Egssis gas / power services are divided into following components:

  • Web-frontend: written in typescript / html using the angular framework
  • Restful backed written in C# based on ASP.NET framework
  • Job scheduling component: written in C# based on scheduler

API gateway

The API gateway exists out of following components:

  • Reverse proxy: ARR on top of IIS
  • Restful backend written in C# based on ASP.NET framework

Identity Services

Token services to provide access and identity tokens to users/clients who want to get access to our applications.

These services are written in C# based on the ASP.NET framework and Identity Server framework.

IdentityServer is a registered and certified OpenID Connect solution.