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Configuration management

Our configuration management is coupled with the deployment tools. We have two parts of configuration management: • Contract and master data setup All data in your customer database is setup by our business contact (Key Account manager) and will be maintained by our staff team. This data is business master-data necessary to do your day to day job with our tool (contracts, settings, locations, shipper codes, grids, …)

• Release management All configuration which is needed so that software can work properly is configured in azure devops. This system will be used to deploy the application so that the correct values are used when installing a new version on the servers.

In the following image you can see a small subset of the configuration variables which we will use during the deployment of our applications.


For deployment we are using azure devops to make sure our application is deployed in the correct environment. Each deployment is defined as a set of tasks executed in a pipeline.

In the following screenshot you can find an overview of such a pipeline: