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Business continuity - Disaster recover

Business continuity – Disaster recovery

Currently we have two datacenters one in Kortrijk and one in Brussels, the main datacenter is the one in Kortrijk.

If there is a catastrophic failure, we will failover to our secondary datacenter in Brussels.

This can be all done through following setup

  • Application server VM's are replicated daily (no application servers are running actively in backup datacenter)
  • SQL server databases are in sync through replication jobs
  • DNS based configurations for services used internally.
  • Firewall settings are in sync between main and backup center
  • DNS setup make use of short lived CNAME records and long-lived A records
  • Backup configuration is tested at least one time / year and improved / documented.

When we failover following steps need to be done

  • Notification of customers and market parties
  • Startup application servers in backup datacenter
  • Make SQL in backup datacenter the primary node
  • DNS failover of CNAME records
  • Notifications of customers and market parties

Availability monitoring

As mentioned in the topic Availability and support we will always monitor our environments to handle in case of an emergency. Our monitoring checks for the availability of our public endpoints and in case of a failure we will be notified with an incident and a notification in teams.